Solu ToneStream

Discover a sanctuary within. Solu ToneStream is pure healing tones that carry you from life’s complexities to a connection with your True Self, at Peace.

PEACE | Solu ToneStream uses pure, peaceful tones based on the naturally-occurring harmonic series––used for sound healing and mind expansion since the time of influential philosopher Pythagoras 2,500 years ago.

Solu ToneStream does not use voices, words or music. Instead, ToneStream's created-while-you-listen, neuromodulation sequences help thoughts, stress, and anxiety recede––so that sleep comes with ease.

Solu ToneStream is a live streaming experience: somewhere in the world others are listening to ToneStream at the same moment you are. You’ll feel the unity of a shared encounter with peace.

Solu ToneStream goes beyond typical mediation apps that have you listen to words––ToneStream actually frees you from concepts so you can remember your True Self at peace.

Solu ToneStream lets you create and save favorite listening durations. You can also set reminders to listen at specific times, or be surprised with a reminder that appears at random within a time window you set.

It’s easy to experience more peace, better connection to others and more restful sleep. Just press the Solu logo and listen to Solu ToneStream. Download for iOS and Android now! Just search for "Solu ToneStream," or use the buttons below on your mobile device.